On-Eye Evaluation of a Custom Soft Toric Contact Lens

Evaluating the performance of SpecialEyes custom soft toric contact lenses on-the-eye is simple!  Our custom soft toric contact lenses are evaluated on the eye just like you would evaluate any other soft contact lens on the eye.  The same fitting characteristics hold true whether you are evaluating an off-the-shelf soft toric contact lens or a custom soft toric contact lens.  The main difference being that you will have almost unlimited options to correct a fit or power issue when fitting a patient with a SpecialEyes custom soft toric contact lens, which you do not have when fitting an off-the-shelf toric contact lens. It is essential to evaluate the fit of the custom soft toric contact lens before chasing vision.  If desired, our consultants are glad to assist you in correcting a loose, flat, rotated, or decentered lens.  Once the lens has been examined and proper fit and stability have been achieved, power can then be evaluated by means of sphero-cylindrical over-refraction.  SpecialEyes has an over-refraction calculator tool that can be used to apply an over-refraction to the patient’s current contact lens Rx.   All that needs to be entered is original contact lens Rx and your over-refraction results and then click calculate and a resultant prescription is generated for you, so simple! Wait there’s more, you can even account for rotation with this tool. Everything you need for success is at your fingertips when you fit a SpecialEyes custom soft toric contact lens.  As always, our customer service team is available and ready to assist or answer any questions you may have.  Call 866-404-1060 or Chat with Us, we would be happy to assist you!

All in all, SpecialEyes custom soft toric contact lenses can benefit contact lens patients in many ways.  So, if any of your patients have a high refractive error, comfort, fit, or visual acuity issues in a commodity off-the-shelf toric contact lens, are GP intolerant, experience axis cylinder misalignment issues, or have an odd sized or shaped cornea, consider fitting those patients in a SpecialEyes custom toric contact lens. With SpecialEyes’ vast parameters, easy lens design methods, 2-4 day delivery, warranty on supply and trial lenses, and guaranteed fit program, how could you not want to improve the quality of your patient’s visual outcome and success all the while reducing visual compromise by fitting a truly custom soft toric contact lens. In conclusion, and in my opinion, custom soft contact lenses are the way fitting any contacts should be done.  Just as ophthalmic lenses are being highly customized to each patient’s individual needs, why should we not carry that same technology over into prescribing contact lenses – in a truly custom manner!

Joanna Chmiel, ABOC, NCLEC

Joanna Chmiel is an ABO and NCLE certified consultant at SpecialEyes.  She brings with her 8 years of experience in the optical and contact lens industry.