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Case Study: Emerging Presbyope with High Cylinder has Successful Outcome

Multifocal toric contact lens case study demonstrates a successful outcome for an emerging presbyopic patient with high cylinder.

“Frustrating.” “Time-consuming.” “The technology doesn’t work.” These are some of the reasons practitioners cite as to why they avoid fitting multifocal toric contact lenses. However, as the industry evolves and more custom options become available, this perception could now be a thing of the past. In fact, 88% of our successful SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal lenses are toric and 78% of successful multifocal patients attained satisfaction within 1–2 trial lenses. Following is just one of those success stories.

Case Report
An emerging presbyope with high myopia and approximately -4.0 diopters of cylinder presented with a desire to try multifocal toric contact lenses. The practitioner designed the initial fit and distance contact lens Rx and had his technician call consultation for help designing the multifocal optic zones.

When the technician called SpecialEyes, she provided the consultant with the patient’s refractive add power and pupil size measurement. After gathering information on the device and light source used to obtain the pupil size, the consultant determined the effective pupil size in regular room light to be 4.7mm. She then entered this measurement into the Multifocal Simulator to design the multifocal optic zones.

The initial trial lenses were as follows:

OD: 8.4 BC/ 14.8 diam. -12.75 -4.00 x036
+1.00 add power
2.1 near center zone diameter, 4.2 peripheral zone diameter

OS: 8.4 BC/ 14.8 diam. -4.50 -4.50 x160
+1.00 add power
2.1 near center zone diameter, 4.2 peripheral zone diameter

After allowing the lenses to settle on the eye, the practitioner performed a slit lamp examination and determined the lenses had excellent coverage, centration, and moved appropriately with a push up test. Upon initial insertion, the patient saw a comfortable 20/25 at distance and 20/30 at near. The patient was instructed to wear the lenses in a real-world setting and return in two weeks. During the follow-up visit, the patient subjectively reported high satisfaction regarding comfort and vision with the lenses. The final visual acuity at distance was stable at 20/25, while the near vision improved to 20/25 in both eyes. No remakes were needed and a year’s supply was ordered.

If you are ready to take on more toric multifocal contact lens fittings, SpecialEyes is here to help. We offer a guaranteed fit policy that makes working with us a breeze, and our consultants are well trained in helping you reach success quickly. If you would like to learn more about the fully custom SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal Toric or request pricing, click the button below.

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