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The Initial Fit: SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal Contact Lens

The initial fit of SpecialEyes 54 Sphere or Toric Multifocal Contact Lens is a simple three step process that includes keratometry readings, manifest refraction, and add power

Designing a SpecialEyes 54 Sphere or Toric Multifocal Contact Lens for your patients is simple and straightforward. You may design the lenses yourself if you so desire, or you may contact us here at SpecialEyes and we would be glad to design the trial lenses for you. For initial design, follow the 3 steps below.

The Initial Fit:
1. Obtain patient K readings, horizontal visible iris diameter (if possible), pupil size, add power, and manifest refraction.
2. Use the Nomogram or SpecialEyes Online Arc Length Calculator to select initial base curve and diameter of the trial multifocal contact lens.
3. Contact the SpecialEyes Consultation Department or use the online SpecialEyes Multifocal Simulator to determine the multifocal contact lens zone sizes. Near center lenses OU is recommended as a starting point. The size of the multifocal zones will be determined by the patient's pupil sizes in ambient/regular room illumination. Success is dependent upon accurate pupil size measurements.

To order call 866-404-1060, email, or fax 866-404-1030 to submit your 54 Multifocal Contact Lens order to SpecialEyes. Your order will be placed and you will receive the trial sphere or toric multifocal contact lenses within 4 business days. It is really that easy.

Now that you know what it takes to get started with an initial fit, the next blog post will discuss tips for fitting, dispensing, and customizing the 54 Multifocal contact lens.

The SpecialEyes Consultation Team


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