SpecialEyes Soars to Great Heights

Sherice describes her unique experience at SpecialEyes: flying a Seaplane! Read more to hear about how her day went.

      Some of the SpecialEyes team got the opportunity to co-pilot a Seaplane, and we were eager to accept! I have a fear of heights, and I struggle with motion sickness in cars, planes, and boats. However, I always jump at any opportunity to face my fears because you don’t grow when you are comfortable.

      Luckily, we were accompanied by an incredible pilot, James Allagio. I had no doubts about our ride with his immense knowledge and confidence in his craft. James ensured that we would feel comfortable, safe, and free the whole ride. After a safety lesson and a brief photo session, we were all thrilled to start flying! It was so exciting watching everyone get their turn because I saw their faces light up before lift off and remain lit on their way back down, each bringing their own stories.

plane 4

      When it was my turn to fly, I braced myself for a potentially bumpy journey up into the sky. Still, to my surprise, we encountered no bumps, and my fear of heights was under control due to how safe I felt in the aircraft. With my concerns at bay, I could truly enjoy the moment! We saw incredible views of our beautiful city, soared just a few feet over the ocean, and took part in some daring sideways turns. As James taught us, the aircraft is an extension of your body: it follows where you go, and after some time, you begin to feel just like a bird when you are flying, weightless and untouchable. Overall, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an incredible time with my team and James that we will never forget!

plane-1  Plane 2-1

Sherice Roesicke is one of our Customer Service Representatives. She joined our team in August 2021 and has brought a light and energy to the team. Sherice is always happy to help and is eager to grow her skill set.

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