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Bring More Comfort and Better Vision Consistency to Your Patients with the Ideal Contact Lens

Patients shouldn't have to choose between comfort and vision. SpecialEyes' custom soft contacts can provide exceptional clarity and comfort.

Patients shouldn't have to choose between comfort and vision. In the past, "close" was considered an acceptable result. Now a customized vision solution can provide exceptional clarity and comfort, making the patient happy with the lens and thrilled with the practitioner. Read the case study to learn more.

           At SpecialEyes, we believe all patients, even the atypical ones, should be able to wear contacts with optimal fit and visual acuity, and we know how frustrating it can be when in-office contact lenses don't work for every patient. A custom selection, like the SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal, allows practitioners to customize beyond the standard and achieve powerful results. As a dedicated eye-care specialist, you deserve to know that the contacts you prescribe will satisfy your unique patients and give them the crisp, clear vision they seek.

Case Study

A 50-year-old female attorney, TO, presented for her annual contact lens evaluation. Historically, the patient had worn a pair of Center Distance Multifocals from CooperVision® with the following Rx:

 OD: 8.4 / 14.4 / -12.00 (+1.50 add)

 OS: 8.4 / 14.4 / -11.00 / -1.25 / x135 (+2.00 add)

When the practitioner asked how she liked her current contact lenses, the patient shared that comfort wasn't great and the vision had been inconsistent. Sometimes settling is a part of life but contact lens comfort doesn't have to be one of those times. The practitioner was familiar with SpecialEyes, recently having had several successful fits, so she contacted our consultation team to see if a custom soft multifocal would be a better option than her patient's current lens. Upon speaking with consultation, the practitioner provided the following information:


 OD: -14.00 / +2.25 add / VA 20/25

 OS: -12.50 / -2.00 / x139 / +2.25 add / VA 20/30+

Keratometry Readings: 

 OD: 45.50 @006 45.87 @096

 OS: 45.25 @146 46.37 @056



Additional Details: 

  • OD dominant 
  • 3.5mm pupils 
  • History of dry eye
  • Prior contact lens history and chief complaints 
  • Patient has preference for intermediate and distance range vision

Utilizing this information, Dawn Wong, the SpecialEyes consultant designed the following trial lenses:

SpecialEyes 54 Custom Soft Multifocal Toric Contact Lenses

OD: 8.0 BC/14.7 Diam. -12.00 DS (+1.75 add) DZ: 2.1, IZ: 3.0

OS: 8.1 BC/14.7 Diam. -10.75 -1.50 x139 (+2.25 add) DZ: 1.8, IZ: 3.0

Since the doctor shared a patient history of dry eye, the consultant also suggested starting with a slight increase in center thickness to promote more tear exchange and movement on blink.

First Dispense: 

With the first set of lenses, the patient reported stable vision at both distance and near. She also shared that the lenses were the most comfortable contacts she had ever worn. Her only complaint was that she would like a slight improvement in her intermediate range vision.

Upon sharing this patient's feedback with the SpecialEyes team, our consultants advised a slight change to the center and peripheral zone sizes to increase the area of intermediate range optics over the patient's visual system.

OD: 8.0 BC/14.7 Diam. -12.00 DS (+1.75 add) DZ: 1.9, IZ: 3.1

OS: 8.1 BC/14.7 Diam. -10.75 -1.50 x139 (+2.25 add) DZ: 1.7, IZ: 3.1


Upon dispense, the patient was overjoyed. She achieved 20/20 vision at distance and 20/25 vision at near with clear vision at intermediate. Most importantly, the patient was grateful for the doctor's expertise in prescribing a custom soft multifocal contact lens that provided stable, comfortable vision that she could wear all day.


We know you want the best for your patients, and we do too! That's why the team at SpecialEyes is dedicated to listening to your patient's individual needs and finding a customized solution for even the most challenging of patient scenarios. We know that successful patient outcomes are your primary goal, SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses can help you achieve that mission and improve your overall success rate.

Call our experts today and experience what it means to prescribe beyond the standard.


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