The Benefits of Hioxifilcon Contact Lens Material

Given the variety of contact lens materials on the market today, patients can feel overwhelmed by the choices when ordering  custom soft contact lenses. Eye-care professionals play a critical role in educating patients on their contact lens material options; and SpecialEyes is committed to providing our prescribing practitioners with information, tools, and resources to support that goal. In this post, we examine the benefits of hioxifilcon and explain why it’s an excellent choice of contact lens material for custom soft contacts.

Hioxifilcon Delivers Unsurpassed Accuracy and Consistency
The unique hydrophilic contact lens material used in SpecialEyes toric, spherical, multifocal, and bifocal custom soft contact lenses ensures accuracy in every critical parameter. This empowers our prescribing practitioners to address the needs of any hard-to-fit patient with confidence. Hioxifilcon is made from an ultra-pure monomer using state-of-the-art polymer synthesis, resulting in a high degree of expansion consistency and highly controlled polymerization. No other hydrophilic contact lens materials match the batch-to-batch consistency and precision expansion of hioxifilcon, which means unmatched duplication for every set of lenses manufactured for a patient. As a result, SpecialEyes’ hioxifilcon options enable doctors to provide custom soft contact lenses manufactured to each patient’s exact parameters in a dimensionally stable contact lens material for superior visual acuity.

Hioxifilcon Increases Comfort and Decreases Dryness
Not only do hioxifilcon lenses offer enhanced visual acuity and a precise fit, but they have been proven to combat late-day dryness in contact lens wearers. An independent study conducted at the Indiana University School of Optometry examined the use of hioxifilcon A 59% contact lens material for lens wearers who had previously experienced dry-eye symptoms.* At the study’s onset, nearly two-thirds of the subjects reported frequent or severe lens-related dryness or discomfort; by the end of the three-month trial period, all of these symptoms decreased by at least 50% after use of the study lenses. Furthermore, subjects who wore their contact lenses less than 12 hours per day prior to the study reported a significant increase in wear time with the study lenses. Researchers concluded that the reduction of dryness symptoms and increased wear time made the wearing experience more pleasant and tolerable, thereby reducing the likelihood of patients dropping out of contact lens wear.

The unique ability of SpecialEyes’ hioxifilcon contact lens material to retain full hydration on the eye throughout the day translates to multiple benefits. Hioxifilcon provides exceptional lubricity with no additives to the contact lens material. This lubricity, coupled with hioxifilcon’s deposit resistance and low contact angle, results in a better-fitting and more comfortable contact lens that does not shrink during wear. It also ensures consistent visual acuity, even in dry environments. Therefore, hioxifilcon is an excellent option for patients who may have experienced dryness or discomfort with other contact lens materials.

Hioxifilcon Benefits at a Glance
As we’ve demonstrated here, there are numerous reasons to choose hioxifilcon over other contact lens materials. Prescribing SpecialEyes hioxifilcon custom soft contact lenses in your office offers many advantages for your patients and your practice:

• A wetter polymer for greater lubricity and comfort.
• A more dimensionally stable lens for superior visual acuity.
• Batch-to-batch consistency for exact duplication of prescription lenses.
• The ability to combat dry-eye symptoms throughout the day and prevent dryness-related lens shrinkage.
• An exceptionally comfortable and precise fit for every patient.
• Higher retention of contact lens patients.

Explore the “Practitioner” area of our website to learn more about SpecialEyes’ hixoifilcon contact lens material, which is available in toric and spherical lenses as well as multifocal and bifocal lenses. If you’d like more information or assistance in ordering custom contact lenses for your patients, you can contact us online or call 1-866-404-1060 – our team of expert consultants will be happy to help.

Kiersten Brauner, SpecialEyes

Kiersten is a customer service representative for SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Communication, with a concentration in Advertising, at the University of North Florida.

* Riley, Colleen; Chalmers, Robin L.; and Pence, Neil. “The Impact of Lens Choice in the Relief of Contact Lens Related Symptoms and Ocular Surface Findings”; Contact Lens and Anterior Eye; March 2005. <>