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Healthy Habits and Contact Lens Care

In celebration and support of Contact Lens Health Week, SpecialEyes shares tips on contact lens care and healthy habits for your SpecialEyes patients.

Contact Lens Care Tips for Your SpecialEyes Patients

At SpecialEyes Contacts, successful patient outcomes are among our highest of missions. Not only do we aim to provide the finest precision vision correction, we are also passionate about promoting proper contact lens care and eye health. In support of Contact Lens Health Week, we encourage practitioners to share these healthy habits with their SpecialEyes patients.

How to Care for SpecialEyes’ Custom Soft Contact Lenses

  • Handling contact lenses with clean hands is the first step in healthy contact lens wear. Always wash hands thoroughly with a mild, non-oily soap, rinse well and dry using a lint free towel.
  • Immediately after removal, make sure to clean, rinse and disinfect lenses (and neutralize if using a hydrogen peroxide system). SpecialEyes also recommends that patients lightly rub, not scrub the lenses during cleaning even if the solution advertises “no rub.” Proper cleaning and disinfection is important as mucus, bacteria, secretions, films and deposits that develop during wear can lead to discomfort, reduced vision and infection.
  • Never sleep in SpecialEyes Contact Lenses.


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    SpecialEyes lenses are not approved for overnight wear and should be removed before sleeping. Sleeping in lenses that are not approved for overnight wear significantly increases risk of various conditions such as hypoxia (lack of oxygen), corneal ulcers and infection. In fact, according to the CDC, patients who sleep in contact lenses are 8 times more at risk for an eye infection. For more information, click on Image A to the right.

  • Use the solutions and lens care products recommended by your eye care professional. Carefully read and follow the lens care product’s instructions. Generic solutions may contain different ingredients and preservatives that deviate from the name brand’s current formula. To avoid an adverse reaction linked to solution sensitivity or incompatibility, always consult your eye care professional before switching to a different  solution or contact lens care product. For information on recommended lens care products for SpecialEyes lenses, click here.
  • Always use fresh, unexpired solution. By re-using or topping off old solution, contact lenses may become contaminated with debris or bacteria that have been linked to serious eye infections.
  • Replace contact lens cases regularly. To avoid contamination and infection, contact lens cases should be cleaned using fresh lens solution and replaced at least every three months.
  • Never clean, rinse, or store contact lenses in water. Even purified water is full of microorganisms that can contaminate and damage lenses leading to infection or injury.
  • Follow lens replacement schedule. It may be tempting to stretch the life of the lens. Don’t! Extending the replacement schedule can cause reduced comfort, visual acuity, and possible infection.

You can find downloadable PDF versions of our Wearer’s Instruction Guide for each lens material on the Toric & Sphere and Multifocal product pages. For more tips and tools to promote healthy eyes and contact lens wear, check out the CDC’s Healthy Contact Lens Wear Health Week home page by clicking the banner below.

Contact Lens Health Week

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