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Custom Toric Contact Lens Success

The SpecialEyes 59 Toric and other custom contact lens designs are a great option for improving visual acuity while correcting astigmatism and myopia.

SpecialEyes 59 Toric Contact Lens Case Study

A 68-year-old myopic astigmatic patient presented wearing a commodity stock lens manufactured in senofilcon silicone hydrogel material.  The patient was refit into SpecialEyes 59 Toric custom contact lenses.  The habitual OD contact lens prescription was 8.6 base curve, 14.5 diameter, and CL Rx of  -3.50 -1.25 x100.  The habitual OS contact lens prescription was 8.6 base curve, 14.5 diameter, and CL Rx of -3.50 -0.75 x090.  The patient’s visual acuity with his habitual pair of contact lenses was 20/30 at distance. The patient used +1.00 readers during up close work for extended periods of time or when reading.  The patient’s manifest refraction was OD –3.75 -1.50 x099 & OS -3.50 -1.25 x092

The patient’s chief complaint was difficulty tracking the flight of his golf ball during play.  Unfortunately, “hitting it out of sight” took on an entirely new meaning.

The decision was made for the patient to be refit in SpecialEyes 59 Toric custom contact lenses.  Upon slit lamp examination, limbal coverage with the patient’s habitual lenses was marginal.  Therefore, it was decided to fit 8.3 base curves and 14.8 diameters for the new SpecialEyes 59 Toric custom contact lenses.  The larger diameter coupled with the steeper base curve enhanced stabilization.  The axes were altered to their exact values of the manifest refraction, x099 and x092 respectively.

The new SpecialEyes 59 Toric custom OD contact lens was increased slightly in minus sphere power due to the onset of cataracts and possible tear effect of a larger and steeper lens.  The new SpecialEyes 59 Toric custom OS contact lens was altered in cylinder power to correct the entire amount of astigmatism while sphere power remained the same to augment some reading ability.

Final SpecialEyes 59 Toric custom contact Lenses:
Fit:  8.3 base curve & 14.8 diameter OU
OD CL Rx: -3.75 -1.25 x099
OS CL Rx:  -3.50 -1.25 x092

The result of fitting the SpecialEyes 59 Toric custom contact lenses was impressive.  By having the option to choose exact axes and the fit of the custom toric contact lenses yielding perfect 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock alignment of the orientation marks, the patient’s visual acuity improved to 20/20 at distance .  The patient’s reading was somewhat diminished and he agreed to using +1.00 readers over his new SpecialEyes custom toric contact lenses.

The patient is now happy that he can see his golf ball in flight! The SpecialEyes custom toric contact lens design enabled us to fit him “on the button.”

Scott Davis, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC

Scott Davis, a licensed dispensing optician from the Massachusetts area, is a part of the SpecialEyes team and brings with him 45 years of experience within the contact lens industry.

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