Case Studies: Single Vision

Case Studies: Single Vision

Case Study: Replacing Preference Toric XR

Is your patient wearing an extended range parameter lens that has been discontinued? Read this case study and learn how SpecialEyes can help.

Case Studies: Single Vision

Precision Soft Contact Lens Design-Case Study

Check out this soft contact lens design case study! See how choosing the right material combined with precision powers and parameters can equal...

Case Studies: Single Vision

Custom Toric Contact Lens Success

The SpecialEyes 59 Toric and other custom contact lens designs are a great option for improving visual acuity while correcting astigmatism and myopia.

Case Studies: Single Vision

SpecialEyes Soft Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Finding the right contact lenses for astigmatism can be difficult for patients with fit issues. SpecialEyes custom contact lenses are the ideal...

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