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Case Study: Replacing Preference Toric XR

Is your patient wearing an extended range parameter lens that has been discontinued? Read this case study and learn how SpecialEyes can help.

Do you have patients in your office that need to refit because their extended range parameter contact lenses have been discontinued? If so, SpecialEyes is here to help! Read the case study below and see how one practitioner exceeded her patient’s expectations by replacing the Preference Toric XR with SpecialEyes 54 Toric lenses.

Case Study

JD, a highly astigmatic patient with flat corneas, presented for his annual contact lens exam. Previously, he was fit in the discontinued Preference Toric XR from CooperVision. Upon sharing that the lenses are no longer available, the patient commented he had never really been happy with his lenses anyway. Although the lenses had provided him acceptable vision, he consistently experienced lens awareness and felt that the lenses move too much. The patient’s only concern was how long it would take the practitioner to find and fit another lens that would work for him. With the patient’s best interest in mind, the practitioner recommended a custom soft design from SpecialEyes.

Upon contacting SpecialEyes, the practitioner provided the following exam details:


OD: 39.25/42.25@107

OS: 39.75/42.5@080


OD: -4.25 -4.75 x027

OS: -3.50 -4.50 x167

Prior Lens Wear History

Preference Toric XR

OD: 8.7 BC/14.4 Diam. -4.00 -4.00 x025=20/25

OS: 8.7 BC/14.4 Diam. -3.50 -4.50 x165=20/30

OU: Lens awareness- Patient states can feel the lenses moving on the eye 

With this exam information and prior lens wear details, the consultant designed the following trial lenses:

OD: 8.5 BC/14.5 Diam. -4.00 -4.00 x027

OS: 8.4 BC/14.5 Diam. -3.25 -4.00 x167


With the first set of lenses, the practitioner and patient were both pleased with the lens fit and vision. There was no rotation and the patient reported better comfort. After wearing the lenses for a few weeks, the practitioner contacted SpecialEyes to order the final supply. She also shared that not only is the patient more comfortable in the lenses but also has an improved visual acuity of 20/20 OU.

Today’s case highlights the benefits of replacing a discontinued lens with a custom soft design from SpecialEyes. If you recall, the patient’s only concern with switching brands was how long it will take to be successfully refit. Luckily, SpecialEyes delivers these custom lenses to your office within 4 business days. With the ability to customize the fit and Rx to the patient’s specific needs, the practitioner was able to not only meet, but exceed the patient’s expectations. No remakes were needed.


The beauty of a custom soft toric contact lens, such as the SpecialEyes 54 Toric, is the ability to design the toric contact lens to the patient’s exact refractive error. This includes precise the exact axis in 1 degree increments, which is beneficial for the higher astigmatic patient. The broad range of customization of SpecialEyes custom soft toric contact lenses can aid in decreasing the chance of visual compromise when compared to fitting an off-the-shelf toric contact lens. Additionally, the limited base curve and diameter offerings of in-office toric contact lenses can at times restrict practitioners when fitting patients. It is in these exact scenarios that a custom soft toric contact lens may prove to be a great alternative!

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