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Presbyopic Patient with High Cylinder LOVES Her Custom Multifocal Toric Contacts

A presbyopic patient with high cylinder finds success in her custom soft multifocal toric contact lenses from SpecialEyes. Read case study to learn more.

At SpecialEyes, we know that fitting multifocal toric contact lenses can sometimes be a challenge you would rather avoid. Here’s a case we hope will change your mind!

Case Study

ES, a presbyopic patient with high cylinder, presented with a desire to wear soft multifocal contacts. Given her high astigmatism, the practitioner opted to try her in the SpecialEyes 54 Multifocal Toric design. The patient’s initial exam information was as follows:

Keratometry Readings
OD: 42.25/44.25
OS: 42.25/45.25

OU: 12.0mm

Pupil Size
OU: 4.5mm (regular room illumination)

Manifest Refraction
OD: -4.75 -3.75 x002
OS: -4.50 -4.25 x177
OU: +1.50 add

Using the exam information, SpecialEyes designed the following trial contact lenses:
OD: 8.4 BC/14.9 Diam. -4.50 -3.25 x002 (+1.50 add) 2.0 N/C, 4.0 I/Z
OS: 8.4 BC/14.9 Diam. -4.25 -3.75 x177 (+1.50 add) 2.0 N/C, 4.0 I/Z

The Outcome

With the first set of lenses, the practitioner was pleasantly surprised with the result. The lenses fit perfectly and there was no rotation. Even better, the patient was achieving 20/20- at distance and 20/20 vision at near, with no need for an over-refraction. After the patient tried wearing the lenses for a week, the practitioner monitored her progress and determined no remakes were needed. Additionally, the patient reported she had never been happier with her vision, even with glasses. She told the doctor she would be telling “anyone and everyone who will listen” about her wonderful experience!

The Bottom Line

This case demonstrates the success that is possible when fitting soft multifocal toric contact lenses, even for a presbyopic patient with high cylinder. By taking precise measurements and customizing the lenses to your patients’ specific needs, you can create positive outcomes that change lives and build your practice. Want to learn more? Click the button below to download our Multifocal Fitting Strategy and request pricing.


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