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Optometry Student Learns Benefits of Toric Custom Contact Lenses

A SpecialEyes educational program about toric custom contact lenses revealed to an optometry student the benefits of fitting this type of lens.

SpecialEyes has partnered with several universities in an effort to extend the successes seen by our practitioners to student doctors preparing to enter the optometric field. By offering educational programs that assist student optometrists in successfully fitting our toric custom contact lenses, we hope to demonstrate the benefits SpecialEyes can provide for both doctor and patient.

Here is a successful outcome in one of our educational endeavors.

Case Study Report: The following is the fitting of a student who was introduced to SpecialEyes toric custom soft contact lenses during a class presentation and hands on wet lab that followed. The student was seeing 20/20 at distance in spherical contacts that did not account for her astigmatism.

The SpecialEyes toric custom soft contact lenses used during the lab were designed with the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator and the student’s refractive and exam information.

OD: 12.40
OS: 12.39

Keratometry Values:
OD: 44.50/45.87
OS: 44.25/46.37

Manifest Refraction:
OD: -4.50 -1.00 x 165
OS: -5.00 -1.00 x 180

Dispensed SpecialEyes 54 Soft Toric Custom Contact Lenses:
8.0/14.9 -4.25 -1.00 x165
8.0/14.9 -4.75 -1.00 x180

Here is the outcome of the SpecialEyes fit in the student’s own words.
“My current prescription for my contact lenses does not correct for the minor astigmatism I have. I am currently wearing a spherical equivalent prescription in my lenses. Although the vision is acceptable and I can see 20/20, I cannot appreciate the fine details I can see with the SpecialEyes toric contact lenses. The lenses are very comfortable and breathable; I can wear the lenses for the whole day without experiencing dryness. I just wanted to thank you for your time and tell you that I really enjoyed the workshop. I am excited to use this lens in clinic and potentially in the future in my practice. I have been wearing the lens for the past few weeks and am impressed with the clarity of vision -- I can read 20/10 at distance with these lenses on.”

It is our belief that offering SpecialEyes educational programs in universities will continue to expose students to the kind of success that fitting toric custom contact lenses can bring to their future patients and practices.

To inquire about a SpecialEyes program for your students or to request an educational program at your university please contact SpecialEyes at 866-404-1060.

SpecialEyes complimentary learning programs are designed to educate your students on soft toric custom contact lenses and provide an opportunity for hands-on experience. This familiarizes students with the process and parameters, so they’ll feel comfortable fitting a patient with toric custom soft contact lenses when the need arises. And just as our contact lenses are customizable, so too are our educational programs. Our specialists will partner with your faculty to create a program that augments your current curriculum, at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Kiersten Brauner

Kiersten is a customer service representative for SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Communication, with a concentration in Advertising, at the University of North Florida.

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