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SpecialEyes Soars to Great Heights

Sherice describes her unique experience at SpecialEyes: flying a Seaplane! Read more to hear about how her day went.

Happy National Puppy Day!

Happy #NationalPuppyDay! To celebrate we asked our coworkers to tell us some of their favorite stories about their puppies. 

Toric Design & Prescribing

How to Use the SpecialEyes Nomogram

The SpecialEyes Nomogram is a convenient resource that enables eye-care practitioners to quickly design SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses for...

SpecialEyes Contact Lens Care

Eye Care Practitioners should recommend a contact lens care system that is appropriate for SpecialEyes’ custom soft contact lenses.

Toric Design & Prescribing

How to Measure HVID

SpecialEyes’ empirical fitting method using the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator takes into account corneal diameter, also known as horizontal...

Toric Design & Prescribing

Optic Zone Customization and Assessment Tips

Customize the assessment experience for patients with sphere or toric contact lenses experiences glare and halos due to large-sized pupils.

News & Events

Happy Thanksgiving from SpecialEyes

As November comes to an end and we reach December, we wanted to take a second to decompress and unwind. We celebrated Thanksgiving as a company with...

Practice Management

How Do You Know If Contact Lenses Fit Well?

New contact lenses can be a significant change, especially on a new patient. Here are some tips to determine if a contact lens fits well for your...

Case Studies: Single Vision

Case Study: Replacing Preference Toric XR

Is your patient wearing an extended range parameter lens that has been discontinued? Read this case study and learn how SpecialEyes can help.

News & Events

SpecialEyes Staff: Fun Facts and Photos

Get to know the SpecialEyes staff. Learn fun facts and see hilarious baby photos, senior photos, and recent photos from our team.

Toric Design & Prescribing

Healthy Habits and Contact Lens Care

In celebration and support of Contact Lens Health Week, SpecialEyes shares tips on contact lens care and healthy habits for your SpecialEyes patients.

Case Studies: Multifocal

Toric Multifocal Contact Lens Design: Case Study

This case study highlights the importance of an accurate pupil size measurement when designing custom toric multifocal contact lenses from SpecialEyes

Case Studies: Single Vision

Precision Soft Contact Lens Design-Case Study

Check out this soft contact lens design case study! See how choosing the right material combined with precision powers and parameters can equal...

Practice Management

Safety Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses at Work

Are your patients wearing contact lenses at work? Check out this post and share tips with your patient on the importance of following safety protocol.

Practice Management

Computer Vision Syndrome and Contact Lens Wear

Computer Vision Syndrome is just one of the issues contact lens wearers may experience at work. Read this post to learn tips to share with your...

News & Events

2016 Resolutions From the SpecialEyes Team

The SpecialEyes Team is focused on the year ahead. Check out this post on the SpecialEyes team members' goals and resolutions for 2016.

Practice Management

How to Grow an Optometry Practice

Searching for how to grow an optometry practice? Read this post on how adding custom soft contact lenses will help grow your practice and increase...

Toric Design & Prescribing

SpecialEyes' Custom Optic Zone Diameter

The optic zone of SpecialEyes' custom soft contact lenses can be customized to aid visual disturbances such as glare, flare, and halos

News & Events

SpecialEyes Had Me at "With a Twist"

The SpecialEyes team decided to tap their artistic sides and experience Paint with a Twist. Painting with a Twist is a franchise company who offers...

Case Studies: Single Vision

Custom Toric Contact Lens Success

The SpecialEyes 59 Toric and other custom contact lens designs are a great option for improving visual acuity while correcting astigmatism and myopia.

News & Events

Family Fun Day at SpecialEyes!

SpecialEyes makes custom toric contact lenses and custom multifocal toric contact lenses and has fun doing it. SpecialEyes had a family fun day at...

Toric Design & Prescribing

Designing Custom Soft Toric Contact Lenses

Designing custom soft toric contact lenses is simple. SpecialEyes offers custom soft toric contact lenses in a wide range of parameter for patients

News & Events

Making Custom Soft Contact Lenses Can Be Fun!

Making custom soft toric and multifocal contact lenses can be fun. SpecialEyes daily duties include making high performing custom toric and...

Case Studies: Single Vision

SpecialEyes Soft Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Finding the right contact lenses for astigmatism can be difficult for patients with fit issues. SpecialEyes custom contact lenses are the ideal...

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