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How to Grow an Optometry Practice

Searching for how to grow an optometry practice? Read this post on how adding custom soft contact lenses will help grow your practice and increase referrals

By Fitting Custom Soft Contact Lenses

We all have had our share of hard-to-fit contact lens patients. The toric ones seem to be the most challenging and the ones that frequently struggle with visual acuity and comfort issues. Oftentimes we will “inherit” a patient who has been told, “You now have astigmatism and won’t be able to see that well with soft lenses.” Of course we dive right into the situation, confident we can solve the problem, only to find out that commodity lenses that should work leave a lot to be desired. We try to solve fitting issues with limited parameters and materials, and visual issues with limited power availability. We may even try different manufacturers. We find we can come close, but not right on.

As we are all aware, many eyeglass lens manufacturers are touting individualized custom made lenses, made just for you. They are taking into account pantascopic tilt, vertex distance, refractive index of materials, wrap features, pupil position, head position profile and so on. It is a customization of the eyeglass experience. When indicated, why not approach a contact lens fitting in the same manner?
Off the shelf or pre-fabricated lenses deserve and have earned a place in the contact lens marketplace and in our optometry practices. Their available parameters are based on a bell curve, attempting to fit the average population. Certainly, these lenses are not bad. However, when a patient has less than optimal results, like in the above example, a custom soft lens may be the answer to the dilemma. Custom soft contact lenses give practitioners the freedom to design a precise fit and fine tune vision to exacting specifications.

Adding custom soft contact lenses to your practice, like those from SpecialEyes, is the perfect way to resolve challenging contact lens fittings. When satisfied, these contact lens wearers will become lifelong, loyal patients and ultimately help grow an optometry practice. Word will spread about your level of sophistication and dedication to your patients. This will not only increase your word of mouth referrals but you will differentiate your practice amongst other eye care providers. Therefore, custom contact lenses are one of many great examples of how to grow an optometry practice.

In comparison to ten years ago, today’s contact lens wearers are much more savvy. They have elevated expectations with regard to vision and comfort. Why not be the practitioner that fulfills their needs? Prescribe a contact lens that is custom made for their eye. The bottom line is that increased successful fitting means optometry practice growth. Remember, a successful patient will tell twenty people about their experience; an unsuccessful one will tell forty. If you are not on board, get going, and get custom!


Scott Davis, a licensed dispensing optician from the Massachusetts area, is a part of the SpecialEyes team and brings with him 45 years of experience within the contact lens industry.

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