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SpecialEyes Soft Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Finding the right contact lenses for astigmatism can be difficult for patients with fit issues. SpecialEyes custom contact lenses are the ideal solution.

High-Plus/High-Astigmat Patient — an Indication for SpecialEyes Custom Soft Contact Lenses

Fitting patients with contact lenses for astigmatism is routine for many eye-care providers; however, finding the right lens for a patient with fit or comfort issues can be a challenge. I discovered SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses several years ago when trying to solve a difficult fit for one of my patients. Mrs. S. was a high-plus, high-astigmat patient with a spectacle prescription of +12.00-5.00x176. She had previously worn gas permeable (GP) contact lenses, but complained of comfort issues with her GP lens and wanted to try a soft lens. I determined that SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses might solve her comfort and fit issues, so I contacted a SpecialEyes consultant to design an appropriate lens. Considering the patient’s above-average horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID) of 12.2, the SpecialEyes consultant suggested a 54 Toric lens made from Hioxifilcon D 54% material, with an 8.1 base curve, 14.6 diameter, and vertexed power of +14.00-6.50x176.

We received the diagnostic lens within three days of placing the order. Upon initial evaluation, we found the lens had some slight rotation; so we reordered the lens to account for the rotation. Four days later, the new lens arrived — and it was a perfect fit! Mrs. S. was very pleased with the comfort and visual acuity of her new SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses. I was also pleasantly surprised at the visual acuity the patient was able to obtain in this soft lens, especially considering her high refractive error. This was a true success story, proving that even hard-to-fit patients can find comfortable contact lenses for astigmatism. Mrs. S. left extremely happy, and I discovered a new tool to help meet the demanding visual acuity and comfort needs of my contact lens patients.

As a result of this great first experience — both in terms of optimal lens performance and superior customer service — SpecialEyes became our primary provider of custom soft contact lenses for high astigmatism and high hyperopia or myopia. In addition, over the years, we had many fits that required custom parameters and SpecialEyes was able to tailor lenses for those specific patients.

Scott Davis, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC

Scott Davis, a licensed dispensing optician from the Massachusetts area, is now a part of the SpecialEyes team and brings with him 45 years of experience within the contact lens industry.

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