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Precision Soft Contact Lens Design-Case Study

Check out this soft contact lens design case study! See how choosing the right material combined with precision powers and parameters can equal success.

Practitioners are frequently presented with patients who are unsatisfied with their current soft contact lens design. The reasons for this vary from patient to patient, but often lead back to poor comfort and/or vision. Prescribing the perfect soft contact lens design begins with a precision fit, in a bio-compatible, moisture retentive material. Fortunately, SpecialEyes’ custom soft contact lenses can achieve both. In addition to our wide power and parameter range manufactured with exceptional accuracy, SpecialEyes’ GMA-based materials provide natural wetness for excellent hydration. This allows our custom contact lenses to retain 97% of moisture throughout the day.

custom soft contact lens design parameters

The case study below highlights the performance that is achievable with SpecialEyes custom soft toric contact lenses for patients with high refractive errors.

Case Study:
A female with high myopia and astigmatism presented to the practice and the practitioner decided to replace her current habitual contact lenses with the SpecialEyes 54 Toric soft contact lens design. Her exam findings were as follows:

Keratometry Readings:

OD: Ks: 43.2/48.6
OS: Ks: 43.7/48.6

Manifest Refraction

OD: -5.00 -5.50 x011
OS: -7.00 -5.00 x172

The initial trial toric contact lenses were designed using the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator. This contact lens calculator features a simple plug-and-play design and is a great tool for contact lens fitters to design their own SpecialEyes custom contact lenses utilizing a sagittal depth fitting philosophy. Based on the results from the calculator, the trial lenses were ordered with the following powers and parameters:

SpecialEyes 54 Toric
OD: 8.2 14.7 | -4.75 -4.50 x011
OS: 8.4 14.6 | -6.50 -4.00 x172

During the initial contact lens dispense, the SpecialEyes 54 Toric contact lens exhibited good centration, corneal coverage, and movement on blink. The patient took no over-refraction and yielded a binocular distance visual acuity of 20/20 with the first set of lenses. After allowing the patient to wear the lenses for about a week, the patient reported satisfaction. No remakes were needed and a supply of lenses was ordered!

Please take a look at our toric product offerings and view our online toric fitting guide if you would like to learn more about designing and prescribing SpecialEyes custom soft toric contact lenses for your patients with high refractive errors or patients experiencing contact lens discomfort. If you would like to receive product information via email or postal mail navigate over to the Request Information form and submit your online request. That’s all for now, thanks for joining us!

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