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Toric Design & Prescribing

How to Use the SpecialEyes Nomogram

The SpecialEyes Nomogram is a convenient resource that enables eye-care practitioners to quickly design SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses for...

SpecialEyes Contact Lens Care

Eye Care Practitioners should recommend a contact lens care system that is appropriate for SpecialEyes’ custom soft contact lenses.

Toric Design & Prescribing

How to Measure HVID

SpecialEyes’ empirical fitting method using the SpecialEyes Arc Length Calculator takes into account corneal diameter, also known as horizontal...

Toric Design & Prescribing

Optic Zone Customization and Assessment Tips

Customize the assessment experience for patients with sphere or toric contact lenses experiences glare and halos due to large-sized pupils.

News & Events

Happy Thanksgiving from SpecialEyes

As November comes to an end and we reach December, we wanted to take a second to decompress and unwind. We celebrated Thanksgiving as a company with...

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