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Family Fun Day at SpecialEyes!

SpecialEyes makes custom toric contact lenses and custom multifocal toric contact lenses and has fun doing it. SpecialEyes had a family fun day at...

Toric Design & Prescribing

Designing Custom Soft Toric Contact Lenses

Designing custom soft toric contact lenses is simple. SpecialEyes offers custom soft toric contact lenses in a wide range of parameter for patients

News & Events

Making Custom Soft Contact Lenses Can Be Fun!

Making custom soft toric and multifocal contact lenses can be fun. SpecialEyes daily duties include making high performing custom toric and...

Case Studies: Single Vision

SpecialEyes Soft Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Finding the right contact lenses for astigmatism can be difficult for patients with fit issues. SpecialEyes custom contact lenses are the ideal...

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